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Medicine suppliers must prioritise convenience stores amid shortage, says Bestway | News

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Drug providers must prioritize convenience sector amid ongoing shortages, to ensure shoppers can access cold and flu products locally during the winter, Better way has warned.

Lemsip, Nurofen and Calpol have all struggled with availability this year, with demand replacing supply as cold and flu season begins.

The Grocer understands that availability has also been hampered by a knock-on effect caused by logistical challenges over the summer. heat waveas much as brexit disrupt and slow down supply chains.

While The Grocer’s analysis suggests supermarkets have also seen short-term gaps in recent weeks, the impact of such a shortage is said to be more acute on convenience stores as they stock fewer lines to begin with.

Bestway’s commercial director, Kenton Burchell, stressed the importance of convenience stores having supplies of medicines so people can get to them close to home.

“As more consumers rely on their local stores after the pandemic and especially when they are unwell and want to stay close to home, I think drug manufacturers and suppliers should prioritize the convenience sector,” he said.

According to the 2022 ACS Community Barometer, pharmacies were ranked as the most essential convenience store service.

ACS CEO James Lowman said: “Convenience stores are a major source of a range of products locally, including over-the-counter medicine supplies, and are increasingly becoming a place where people they can collect recipes.

“Pharmacies were rated the number one most essential service in our Community Barometer this year, but especially in rural areas, there is often an issue with local access, so it is of great value to a community when the convenience stores can provide those services to customers.”

cost trimmer retailer Sue Nithyanandan said: “We have been catering from multiple vendors to keep shelves stocked. Our preferred wholesaler is nisa but there is sporadic availability in BookerBestway and other direct to store providers.

“This time the cold and flu have appeared much earlier. I think everyone is out and the bugs are spreading fast. Also, since it is almost impossible to see a doctor, people self-medicate more”.

Nisa said it was also trying to mitigate the situation by offering substitutes to retailers.

A spokeswoman said: “We are working with our suppliers to ensure we get our fair allocation of products and where there are availability issues we advise our retailers and where possible offer alternatives.”

A Johnson & Johnson spokeswoman said: “Our priority is to ensure that our customers receive regular stock and that our products are available to consumers when they need them most. We have been working hard to manage stock levels across customers, channels, and regions by following industry-wide tracking. Logistics challenges and unusually high demand for Calpol during the summer period, including by opening new production lines, running our plant at full capacity and building high levels of safety inventory.

“We take our responsibility to parents very seriously and as we enter cough and cold season, when demand is high, we will continue to work with our retail partners to help balance supply and ensure good availability across the board. the Calpol range”.

A Reckitt spokeswoman said: “We are seeing a significant increase in demand as cold and flu season begins. We are doing everything we can to minimize disruption to our customers and consumers.”

The Grocer has been told that availability will improve in the coming weeks.

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