Labor & Delivery Nurses Potentially Fired After “Ick” TikTok Post » TwistedSifter

Labor & Delivery Nurses Potentially Fired After “Ick” TikTok Post » TwistedSifter

There are TikTok trends that everyone loves, no matter who hoards them.

Then there are the TikTok trends that are complete minefields, and when the wrong people decide to weigh in, they can leave people uncomfortable and angry afterwards.

the video in question is a group of labor and delivery nurses who talk about the “disgusting” things patients and their families do before, during, and after labor.


Unprofessional nurses. A shame for all patients. I would never want my nurse to be like this. Disgusting. #emoryhealthcare l&d #nurses #Atlanta Georgia #emoryhospital #emoryhospitalatlanta #emoria #hanhinton #disgusting #blacknurses #whitenurses #work and delivery

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The nurses in the video work (did they?) work at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, and although the video has since been removed, more than 5 million people watched it before it happened.

Some of the complaints from nurses are women asking to shower before being induced, asking how much the baby weighs before weighing, parents asking for paternity tests, family members asking for help instead of pressing the call button, and patients refusing. even an epidural. when they are clearly in pain and not close to giving birth.

There weren’t many people in the comments who approved of the message, like this person, who had his own “gross”.

“My disgust is medical professionals who make you feel bad about anything.”

Others took to Twitter, like this person reminding us how vulnerable women are during the birthing process.

“I respect nurses a lot, but this is not the case. Emotions are so intense during the entire birthing process and moms deserve compassion.”

This declaration issued by Emory Healthcare suggests they weren’t too happy with their (possibly former) employees either.

“We have taken appropriate action with the former employees responsible for the video.”

It doesn’t specifically say they were fired, but that seems like a reasonable conclusion.

At least one former Emory labor patient says there are good reasons for the hospital to want to clean house. The video of her has 2 million views and details how she lost her child there and the nurses showed little to no compassion.


#stitch with @sovereignparenting my son died there and they played like in 1 hour #emoryhospitalatlanta #nurse #karma

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“Karma is ab*%ch. You are all finally being held accountable.”

Yet another reminder that everything you put online is available for everyone, including your employer, to see and judge.

So be careful.

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