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Jaipur-based e-commerce startup ‘Jaipur Chakki’ takes Barmer farmer on its board

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Jaipur-based e-commerce startup ‘Jaipur Chakki’ takes Barmer farmer on its board

December 27, 2022 12:37 PM ist

Jaipur (Rajasthan) [India], Dec 27 (ANI/PNN) : Jaipur Chakki, an e-commerce startup, has taken a unique step to set a new example in the country by bringing in a progressive farmer from Barmer, Rajasthan Vikram Singh Taratra, as part of its management core. equipment. He will help the company purchase quality produce at affordable prices.
Vikram Singh has been innovative in his work and has partnered with the reputable Jaipur-based agritech start-up Zeta Farms to train women farmers from nearby villages to produce using scientific farming processes.
Jaipur Chakki – A start-up in staple foods, started with home delivery of flours (30+ types) and spices to customers within 24 hours, now it is venturing into other foods (cold-pressed oil, pulses, rice, cereals, oatmeal, gram flour, Tea, Poha, etc.). The uniqueness of Jaipur Chakki is its freshness as the flour is ground after the customer’s order. Jaipur Chakki is committed to providing fresh and pure food ingredients to our customers through online and offline mode.
Vishnu Upadhyaya, the founder of Jaipur Chakki, said: “Even today, people in India want flour to be ground in the traditional neighborhood mill, but this is not readily available in big cities. The low level of Hygiene of traditional chakki shops, lack of home delivery system and limited range of flours keeps new generations away.In our fast-paced life, we are playing with our health by buying packaged foods available in the market. We are not even consuming flours made from other grains like millet, legumes and multi grains as these are not readily available.
Established with an initial investment, Jaipur Chakki has grown into a brand with more than 10,000 customers across the Jaipur city. Seeing the potential of Jaipur Chakki’s business model, the founders hired an angel investor (NRI with experience in the food industry).

Jaipur Chakki co-founder Manoj Maru said that after operating in Jaipur, the company aims to have a presence in all 20 major cities across the country with more than 500 exclusive stores by 2024. As part of the expansion plan, Jaipur Chakki has started trading. in Ahmedabad, and will soon open its next stores in Bangalore, Gurgaon, Surat and Chandigarh to succeed,
To give purity and quality to the customer, the quality of the raw material is very important. Here comes the role of the newly incorporated farmer. It will guarantee the acquisition of quality products directly from the farm without intermediaries so that the client obtains fresh and pure products at affordable prices.
Vikram Singh Taratra, a farmer from Barmer, said, “I believe in new farming ideas. From the very beginning, I have been bringing knowledge of new farming techniques to my village. With the best scientific practices and proper training, we can increase the chances of doubling income for farmers.Partnering with Jaipur Chakki will help us to provide farmers with a supply partner, farm to family connectivity, better source of income, market knowledge etc. and ultimately , the objective of ‘From the farm to the family’ will be substantially felt.
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Website – www.jaipurchakki.com
Facebook – www.facebook.com/jaipurchakkiparlor
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