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Jaclyn Johnson’s Best Career Advice

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Jaclyn Johnson’s Best Career Advice

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Once upon a time, a long time ago, I thought I would be a entrepreneurship minor in college. My notes app has housed a running list of yet-to-be-realized business ideas for as long as I can remember, and I’ve always loved the idea of working for me. Unfortunately, I also learned that to be a high school entrepreneurship major I would have to take calculus, and I decided that no potential business idea of ​​mine would be worth taking yet another math class.

Fortunately, entrepreneurs like Jaclyn Johnson show that you don’t need a formal education in entrepreneurship to build wildly successful business ventures. this week in All the girls podcastJosie and Alaina sit down with Jaclyn, serial entrepreneur and founder of create and cultivate, to talk about all things entrepreneurship, building a career you love, and selling an amazing product. Jaclyn’s story is full of useful information for all of us with that list of dream racing sitting on our notes apps. Read on for some of Jaclyn Johnson’s tips for creating her dream career, and listen up. this week’s episode of The Everygirl Podcast for more.

Learn to sell, even if you learn by working for someone else

Jaclyn didn’t start her corporate life by diving straight into entrepreneurship. Instead, he learned some of his most important skills by watching the things his bosses did in the New York City marketing scene. One of the most important lessons Jaclyn learned from her time job jumping was how to present information to sell a product. “One of the weird things you have to be good at as an entrepreneur is information design and how you put information together in presentations, documents, or for employees,” Jaclyn said.

Even if you’re not ready to start your dream business yet, learning sales tactics from your current job can be a great way to discover some of the strategies you might use in the future. Having a great example in a boss, CEO, or founder at your current job can be just as valuable as acquiring these skills alone.

“Connect your face to face”

When Jaclyn first graduated from college at NYU, she was under the impression that the most important key to success was hard work. However, this quickly changed when she realized that having long-term relationships in the business world can be just as valuable as a great education or a great skill set. “What I wish someone had explained to me in college is that yes, it’s important to work hard, but the other thing that’s really important is the network of people that you have around you,” Jaclyn said. If you are looking to start your own business in the future, please take a page from Jaclyn’s book and connect with whoever you can whenever you can.

Create a brand that aligns with your interests

Create & Cultivate was just the beginning of Jaclyn’s entrepreneurial journey. Starting the Media Platform spoke of Jaclyn’s motivation to help support hard-working women entrepreneurs, which ultimately inspired her to co-found New Money Ventures to invest in women-led businesses. Most recently, Jaclyn co-founded Maie Wines, a single-serve wine brand, as a way to fuse their passions. “I love wine, obviously, but my co-founder and I were training to be sommeliers and we were very interested in the business side of wine,” Jaclyn said. “For us, it’s been extremely fun.” Achieving your dream career means you have to create something you love and are passionate about beyond a business perspective, and Jaclyn is the proof.

As you get older, learn to delegate

One of the biggest learning moments in Jacklyn’s entrepreneurial journey came when she was allowed to delegate tasks to team members. For Jaclyn, approaching her success and interactions with coworkers and customers with humanity made all the difference. If you’re reaching the point in your career where it’s time to hand some responsibilities over to others, keep in mind that allowing yourself to delegate is the best way to maintain the longevity of your brand, and that everyone else is learning and growing as well. Approaching his growing workplace with empathy will really round out his experience as an entrepreneur and, as Jaclyn said on The Everygirl Podcast, remind him that everyone on the other end of email is human.

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