Iris biometrics deployed by PayEye for retail payments, GalvanEyes for financial services

Polish computer retail chain Komputronik has announced a new biometric partnership with pay eyean iris recognition solution provider.

As part of the collaboration, a pilot program will allow customers to pay for products with iris recognition at one of the Komputronik chain’s stores in Wrocław, southwestern Poland.

From a technical point of view, the measure will see the deployment of the eyePOS 2.0 payment solution, capable of scanning customers’ iris biometrics, together with the new PayEye application, which users will have to use to register and associate a bank card to his account.

“Poland is at the forefront in terms of non-cash payments,” says Marcin Mordak, director of Komputronik’s sales network.

“I am glad that we are the first major network to implement this service. For now, we start with a pilot program. The first eyePOS terminals can be used in our lounge in the Korona shopping center in Wrocław.”

The second deployment of the iris biometric technology is scheduled for November in the Magnolia shopping center, also in Wrocław.

The partnership with Komputronik comes about a year after PayEye presented its eyePOS 2.0 terminal at the GITEX Technology Week event in Dubai.

GalvanEyes partners with Axiom Bank

galvaneyes has announced that it is working with Axiom Bank of Florida to implement a custom iris biometric device for highly secure, contactless authentication across the financial services industry.

The collaboration aims to accelerate the adoption of biometric authentication in the consumer and business sectors and streamline the authentication process for users while increasing the security of financial transactions.

GalvanEyes was established as the Exclusive EyeLock Distributoriris biometric solutions for certain verticals in the US, and a non-exclusive distributor for other verticals and markets. The deal was formed after EyeLock parent Voxx’s largest shareholder considered buying a stake in the iris biometrics subsidiary and created the distributor instead.

“Our goal is to inspire and empower others to collectively work with, develop and implement biometrics in the financial industry – a future built on trust and innovation,” says GalvanEyes CEO Allen Ibaugh.

“With this partnership, we demonstrate our commitment to offering the most secure and complete set of authentication technology.”

Mike Coyne, executive vice president and chief information officer of Axiom Bank, echoed Ibaugh’s perspective, adding that the new collaboration reflects the next step in both companies’ commitment to industry-leading security through a seamless environment. Contact.

“Axiom Banking’s strategy has always been focused on providing the most advanced technology and secure authentication for staff and customers,” adds Coyne. “We are delighted to be working with GalvanEyes to help expand and scale the adoption of biometric authentication at Axiom Bank and across the industry.”

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