These U.S. Stocks Are No-Brainer Additions to Your Portfolio

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There are many excellent companies trading in the TSX. However, Canadians must remember that it is important to have diversification in your portfolio. This does not only refer to investing in companies that operate in different industries. It also implies that investors must invest in companies that operate in different countries. This concept, known as geographic diversification, could help investors add stability to their portfolios. In this article, I’ll look at three US stocks that could be obvious additions to your portfolio.

One of the most recognized companies in the world.

Apple (NASADAQ:AAPL) is the first US stock Canadians should add to their portfolios today. This is one of the most recognized companies in the world. It is estimated that more than a billion iPhones are in use today. Apple has also done well to expand its product line. Today, it offers a number of different consumer products, including the Apple Watch and the MacBook. The company also offers audio and video streaming services that are used all over the world.

In the third quarter (Q3) of 2022, Apple reported $83 billion in revenue. That represents a year-over-year increase of 2%. While those growth numbers are modest, investors could expect higher returns this quarter following the launch of the iPhone 14. Apple’s dominance in the global consumer tech industry is unmatched. With a mountain of cash on his balance sheet, I would maintain the confidence of having this stock in my portfolio for years.

A well-known beverage company.

Coke (NYSE:KO) is the second US stock that should feature in Canadians’ portfolios. This company is one of the largest beverage producers in the world. Some of their products include Coca-Cola, Dasani, Fanta, and Minute Maid. Additionally, Coca-Cola is estimated to have a 47% share of the US soft drink market. With more than 29 billion units sold annually, there is no denying that Coca-Cola is a major player that is here to stay.

In 2021, Coca-Cola reported $38.7 billion in net income. Of that, $11.1 billion was retained as revenue. With numbers as strong as that, Coca-Cola makes a strong case for adding to your portfolio today. As an added incentive, this company also offers investors an attractive dividend. Coca-Cola’s term dividend yield is 2.91%. This dividend has also grown in each of the last 60 years. If Coca-Cola can keep it up, investors could see even more attractive cost performance going forward.

This company runs the payments industry.

Finally, I think Canadians should consider buying shares of Visa (NYSE:V). This is the largest credit card company in the world. As for the volume of purchases that go through each credit card company’s respective network, 52% can be attributed to Visa. In 2021, $2.405 million of purchase volume was reported to have passed through the company’s network. Visa also has a 72% share of the debit card market (in terms of purchase volume).

As online and mobile shopping continues to rise in importance, companies like Visa could continue to grow. With a 19% year-over-year increase in reported revenue in Q3 2022, Visa is certainly on the right track.

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