Little-known investor put more money in Tesla (TSLA) than Musk

A little-known investor has put more money into Tesla (TSLA) than Elon Musk himself, and now he’s reaping the rewards with a position worth billions of dollars.

We first reported on KoGuan Leo last year when he became the third-largest individual Tesla shareholder behind Elon Musk and Larry Ellison.

As we reported at the time, little was known about the investor and his wealth. He graduated from Columbia University and New York Law School, and founded SHI International Corp, a large IT company.

Since it is a private company, it is difficult to value it, but it must be extremely valuable as it allows KoGuan Leo to invest billions of dollars in Tesla.

When we reported on him last year, he held 6.2 million Tesla shares, which is 18.6 million shares after the stock split last month. At the time, he said that he was still buying Tesla stock and planned to invest billions more.

But something more interesting about KoGuan Leo is that although he owns fewer shares than Musk, he certainly has invested a lot more money in Tesla than Musk at the moment.

He believes he invested more money than Musk and Ellison put together at this point:

It disclosed 22.6 million shares and thus stayed true to its promise to invest more in the company. Those 4 million more shares in Tesla probably cost him about a billion dollars.

On top of that, KoGuan Leo revealed that he bought around 104,200 Tesla shares over the last week:

If you think he’s lying, Tesla’s head of investor relations actually confirmed his position at Tesla in the past.

Now, as for your claim that you’ve put more money into Tesla than Musk, it’s very likely accurate. While it is difficult to determine how much KoGuan Leo invested in Tesla, it appears to be at least $2 billion. We contacted him to see if he would be willing to confirm; at the time of publication, we have not received a response.

As for Musk, it’s also hard to confirm how much he invested in Tesla, as he was the first outside investor before the company went public. We know that he invested $6.5 million in the first round of Series A funding.

He went on to participate in all the other rounds and is believed to have invested around $70 million of his own money in Tesla before the company went public. While Tesla has been public, the company has made many secondary offerings, and Musk was involved in some of them with around $100 million.

So Musk is likely to put less than $200 million of his own money into Tesla, making it one of the best investments since his stake in the company is now worth close to $200 billion.

As for Larry Ellison, the billionaire Oracle founder disclosed an investment of around $1 billion when he became a Tesla board member. It’s safe to say that he spent less than a billion dollars to get that job at TSLA.

It is now difficult to say how many shares of Tesla Ellison owns, as he is no longer on the Tesla board and is therefore not required to report his holdings. Unless he’s been on an undisclosed Tesla buying spree lately, it’s fair to say that he hasn’t put as much money into Tesla as KoGuan Leo.

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Obviously, I understand the difference between investing a few million dollars in an unproven early start-up and investing billions in a proven big company, but I still thought it was interesting and worth sharing.

If you follow KoGuan Leo’s Twitter, he might sound a bit eccentric at times, but I love his passion for Tesla.

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