Indiana’s clean energy economy will provide about 1 million jobs

In the great state of Indiana, we pride ourselves on energy independence, excelling in our economies, and creating jobs citizens want. I wrote Senate Bill 411 and sponsored House Bill 1381 to ensure decades of affordable, reliable and clean energy. It would be a victory for communities in need of financial investment and families desperate for a financial break. As a state, we must work together to promote homegrown power in our backyards and ensure reliable transmission by modernizing the grid.

Plus:Scrub Hub: Green Job Opportunities Expected to Continue to Grow in Indiana

With $8 billion invested in wind and solar projects in the state, clean energy provides value by meeting the demands of energy consumers and improving the Hoosier way of life. Clean energy projects have resulted in $26 million in state, local and property taxes this year alone. In communities that host clean energy projects, this means less tax burden on residents and a new source of funding for community improvements.

Former Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette argues renewable energy is an “important component” to move the economy forward, with reliable transmission as a critical element. There are already 9,824 clean energy jobs in Indiana, and projections show roughly 1.1 million Indianans will work in these green jobs in the future. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, wind technicians are the second fastest growing job in the nation, while solar PV installers are the fifth, creating new jobs and opportunities to stay on the job. heart and earn a good living wage. Outside of direct operations, the renewable energy sector stimulates job creation throughout the supply chain in manufacturing, transportation, and construction; local businesses are supported through increased economic activity during the construction phase of a project.

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