Emirates News Agency – ARIA Commodities announces AED154 million investment projects in Hamriyah Free Zone

SHARJAH, 18th September, 2022 (WAM) — ARIA Commodities, the market specialist in the field of asphalt and distillates and storage infrastructure development, has announced that it will invest a total of AED154 million in the construction of four plants in the Hamriyah Free Zone, which includes a bitumen plant, a refinery, a tire recycling plant, and a storage terminal.

ARIA also announced that it would lease three additional lots in the free zone, bringing the total number of lots acquired to five, with a combined area of ​​540,000 square feet (sqft).

ARIA’s new expansion plan was revealed during a ceremony recently held to sign a lease agreement with the Hamriyah Free Zone Authority (HFZA) by Saud Salim Al Mazrouei, Director of HFZA, and Mirat Bhadlawala, Executive Director of Energy Business and Optimization Director of Grupo ARIA. The ceremony was attended by several senior officials from both sides.

The new development is expected to further boost HFZA’s position as a premier destination for companies looking to base their operations in a competitive environment that offers easy company formation procedures.

The industrial base of the ARIA Group, located in the HFZA, was established in February 2021. The four new facilities are designed in such a way that they consider meeting sustainability standards and the optimal use of natural resources, which supports the commitment of the company with renewable energy and surely contribute to the UAE goal of Net Zero 2050.

Praising ARIA’s expansion plans, Al Mazrouei stressed that the new investments will not only improve sustainability standards in Sharjah, but also support the UAE’s efforts to enhance its international reputation and embrace circular economy concepts. In addition, his investments will reinforce Sharjah’s strategy, which seeks to develop solutions, services and products that foster sustainable growth and advance the local economy towards greater prosperity.

“The new ARIA plants will be green. The four plants will not only improve the optimal use of natural resources, but will also help reduce industrial waste and extend the life cycle of materials and products by adopting environmentally friendly measures. the environment,” Al Mazrouei said.

“ARIA’s expansion goals are projected to support the national industrial strategy. In addition to increasing the value of UAE-made products, they will help meet the growing demands of the key sectors on which the country’s national economy is based, such as construction, chemical industries, highways, shipping, petroleum products and logistics services for the aviation sector.We will do our best to meet such demands, diversify and enhance UAE exports to various nations in Europe, Asia , South America and Africa,” he added.

Mirat Bhadlawala emphasized that ARIA aims to be a one-stop shop in civil and road construction, distillate manufacturing and trading, not only within Hamriyah, but also expanding its reach globally to serve gas markets, oil and fuel supply. His decision to base his operations in the HFZA was a step in the right direction. “The free zone is strategically located as an oil zone with a multidimensional infrastructure serving the UAE comprehensively, with north and south within equidistant reach and the port infrastructure helps us not only serve the UAE but also to spread our wings to the world.”

Bhadlawala added: “Our goal is to create a safer environment globally by introducing renewable and environmentally friendly products that support the circular economy, to be used in the road paving industry. The refinery will support green fuel for IMO 2020 compliant vehicles and bunkers. The plants will accommodate projects ranging from diversified terrain highways to high intensity surfaces such as airport runways.”

He indicated that the company’s target audience includes highway contractors, fuel supply industries, cement factories (crushers), paving industries, industrial fuel industries, chemical and paint industries, and the automotive and transportation sectors.

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