Accenture set to sustain hybrid work setup in Philippines

ACCENTURE, Inc. will maintain a hybrid employment arrangement in the Philippines, afisaid cial, as his employees relaxed in a Ffuture of flexible and omniconnected work”.

“We have shown that we can do and remain productive without having to go to the office. But we also knew that there are some things we can’t do alone from home. And so, as we said, our future will be a hybrid,” Manolito T. Tayag, country managing director for Accenture (Philippines), said at a forum run by the Makati Business Club.

“And we know that for all industries, there are going to be very few who are going to stay 100% working from home and there are very few who are going to go 100% back to the office.fice,” he added.

Mr. Tayag said that the future of work for the information technology and business process management industry and for other industries will be defined by the requirements of its people and customers.

In addition to keeping the hybrid setup, Mr. Tayag mentioned the need to reinvent workspaces.

“We had to redesign them for more collaboration-focused activities and multi-use offices for engagement and this is something we had to invest in as well,” he added.

He also pointed to the improved employee experience in the new setup, which he calls “omniconnection” in which Accenture uses new technology, including new collaboration tools, the metaverse and arti.fisocial intelligence.

Mr. Tayag said that part of preparing for the futurefing job is to invest in the technical and soft skills of the employees. “We need to invest in the skills of the future and among them are technical and soft skills.”

Among the technical skills he cited are cloud computing, data science, analytics and art.fisocial intelligence.

He also cited the importance of sustainability in the future-proofing work, calling it “the new digital.”

“It is important to defend sustainability. As in the past, we said that every business is a digital business, moving forward every business is a sustainable business,” said Mr. Tayag.

“[In Accenture], we use the broader umbrella of sustainability that will include many areas beyond the environment. It includes, in fact, many of the sustainable goals of the United Nations,” he added.

Among Accenture’s sustainability efforts are a net zero path, accelerating equality in terms of inclusion and diversity programs, and incorporating sustainability services.

Mr. Tayag said he believes the industry will continue to have the opportunity to create hundreds of thousands more jobs in the coming fifive to six years.

“And as we create these quality jobs, we will continue to be a pillar of Philippine industry,” he added.

Quoting the CEO of Accenture fromficer Julie Therese Sweet, Mr. Tayag said that “to be a great place to work, [we need to] have access to clients in the industry and we have to be creators of talent through investments and technology”.

“And that is the path for us to continue not just surviving, but thriving and succeeding and growing well into the future and becoming a major player in the Philippine economy,” added Mr. Tayag. — Justine Irish D. Tabile

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