3 Monthly Dividend Stocks That Are Too Cheap to Ignore

For retirees, cheap monthly dividend stocks can be a great way to beat inflation. This type of investment provides a steady and predictable stream of income that can help offset rising cost of living. Plus, monthly dividend stocks tend to be less volatile than other investments, giving retirees peace of mind in times of uncertainty. While there are no guarantees in the stock market, monthly dividend stocks offer a solid way to beat inflation and protect retirement savings. Best of all, many monthly dividend stocks are cheap now, due to broader macroeconomic headwinds.

Monthly dividend stocks are a favorite for income-oriented portfolios because they offer cash flow every 30 days instead of the usual three months. These stocks offer investors a reliable stream of income that can help supplement other investments or cover monthly expenses. While some risks are associated with monthly dividend stocks, such as the possibility of default if the company experiences financial difficulties, they generally offer a compelling case for inclusion in any income-oriented portfolio.

Of the 3,000 companies that pay dividends regularly, only 51 are monthly dividend payers. This article will look at three companies with returns greater than 8%.

HRZN Horizon Technology Finance $10.06
EPR EPR properties $36.04
GLAD Capital of Gladstone $8.52

Horizon Tech Finance (HRZN)

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Horizon Technology Finance (NASDAQ:HRZN) has been around for a while and is known for its expertise in providing services to the technology industry. The company invests in early-stage venture capital firms. To date, the company has invested in more than 285 different companies in various sectors, including health care, information technology and clean energy.

Horizon Technology is also one of the few companies that actively invests in early stage companies. This gives Horizon Technology an advantage over other companies. You can invest in the most promising companies before they go public.

Therefore, Horizon Technology’s diversification and commitment to early-stage investing make it an excellent choice for investors seeking long-term growth, and you see that with your second quarter results. The company beat analysts’ expectations on both earnings and revenue. With growth, the company has paid close attention to its credit ratings. As a result, HRZN reported that 96% of your credit portfolio you have a credit rating of 3 or better. With increased lending capacity, the company is well positioned for the future.

In addition, HRZN has paid consecutive dividends during the last 10 years. This ensures a safe place to invest your money and earn a monthly income. If you’re looking for the best cheap monthly dividend stocks, there are few better than Horizon Technology.

EPR properties (EPR)

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One of the most negative aspects of a bear market is how vulnerable companies become, even if they do nothing wrong. EPR properties (NYSE:EPR) is a great example of this phenomenon.

The company is a publicly traded real estate investment trust focusing on properties related to entertainment, education and recreation. EPR’s portfolio includes ski resorts, water parks, movie theaters, golf courses and educational facilities. It has a long-term strategy of investing in high-quality properties that generate a stable and growing cash flow.

EPR’s diversified portfolio provides exposure to a broad range of growth drivers and helps mitigate the impact of any property or industry cycle. As a result, EPR is in an excellent position to generate strong long-term results for its shareholders.

This year, the action was ready for prime time with the pandemic behind us. The company focuses on the entertainment side, and that’s what people want now that everything is calm.

However, the REIT hit a snag this year due to rising interest rates and its bankruptcy. However, as Charles Sizemore, Director of Sizemore Capital points out, money spent on leisure activities has increased over the last two decades, with only very slight pauses during recessions.

For its part, EPR is doing very well. It beat Wall Street’s expectations in the second quarter, raising its guidance. Towards the middle of the year, investment spending amounted to $239.2 millionand the company expects that pace to pick up in the second half of the year.

Taking these factors into account, if you look beyond the downtrend, this is probably one of the best monthly stocks to buy right now and it is incredibly cheap.

Capital of Gladstone (GLAD)

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Capital of Gladstone (NASDAQ:GLAD) operates within the broader framework of Gladstone Management, which has several components. Gladstone Management manages the overall organization. Another major company under the broader umbrella is Gladstone Land, a diversified REIT. Provides critical services such as leasing and sale of farmland to financiers. My colleague Josh Enomoto said that Gladstone is “essentially tied to our national security.” There is merit in saying so, considering the niche services it provides.

Gladstone Capital is a company that invests in other companies on behalf of outside investors. It is structured as a Business Development Company, which transfers all investment income and capital gains to its investors. In exchange, you get an exemption from paying income taxes.

Gladstone Capital focuses on middle market companies with EBITDA in the $3 to $15 million range. The average investment size ranges from $7 million to $30 million. The total value of the assets in the portfolio. stood at 312.9 million dollars as of June 30, 2022. Includes different industries, including restaurants, manufacturers, and other types of businesses.

Furthermore, according to Gladstone, the recent spike in LIBOR is expected to lift net basic interest income and improve earnings for the coming quarters. It had a very strong third quarter, which caused the share price to rise. Now, the sentiment has cooled. Among high-yielding monthly dividend stocks, this one is also very cheap because it’s down double digits this year.

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