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I tried incredible smartphone that fully charges in 19 MINUTES – it’s a game-changer – The Sun

by Ozva Admin

IF YOU’RE the kind of person who forgets to charge their stuff, you’re familiar with the pain of having your phone turn off in the middle of the day.

You’re texting or watching Netflix and suddenly your battery is dying.

The OnePlus 10T charges lightning fast

And phones don’t always charge quickly, either. The latest iPhone takes two hours to charge a depleted battery to 100 percent.

For those of us who prefer something a little snappier, there’s the OnePlus 10T, the latest smartphone from Chinese firm OnePlus.

Its battery fully charges in less than 20 minutes, which means you no longer have to bother plugging it in overnight.

After trying it for a couple of weeks, I managed to get rid of the habit of reaching for the charging cable just before falling asleep.

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Instead, I was able to charge it while taking a shower every morning.

In that 20-minute window, the phone absorbed enough power to last until the next morning, with no issues.

demon of power

The battery of the OnePlus 10T is a large two-cell battery with a capacity of 4,800 mAh.

It lasts almost a day on a single charge with moderate use, which if it weren’t for the fast charge would be a drawback.

Fortunately, that average battery life is backed by 150W charging, more than five times the power of Apple’s top iPhone.

To achieve its maximum charging speed, you’ll need the company’s SUPERVOOC 160W power adapter and a USB-C cable.

Fortunately, both are included in the 10T box, meaning you don’t need to shell out anything extra for them.

OnePlus says that its charging technology can deliver up to “a day’s power” in 10 minutes and can fully charge the device in just 19 minutes.

In my tests, I was able to get from 1 to 33 percent in about five minutes and from 1 to 5 percent in a quarter of an hour.

A slight drawback here is that not everyone can use the full charging power of the OnePlus 10T.

If you’re in the US, for example, most outlets don’t have the output capacity to give you the full 150W the charger delivers.


It’s amazing how much the charging speed of the OnePlus 10T changed the way I used my device.

Gone are the days when I had to ration my phone usage after forgetting to plug it in the night before.

Instead, any anxiety about whether or not he had enough charge evaporated entirely.

And if you take a charger with you when you leave home, you free yourself even more.

Are you running out of energy in a cafe or pub? Just plug the phone into a nearby outlet and you’re ready to go in ten minutes.

Fast charging is the next big thing in the smartphone world, and the OnePlus 10T really pulls it off.

What else is good?

Even without its fast charging capabilities, the OnePlus 10T is a solid piece of equipment in its own right.

As you’d expect from OnePlus devices now, the beefy 6.7-inch display is beautiful, offering a resolution of 1080 x 2412.

It also features a 120Hz refresh rate, which is twice as fast as most other phones and allows for silky-smooth scrolling and animations.

The design is excellent without doing anything particularly creative, although I’m not a big fan of the slightly glossy finish on the back.

The cameras are fine without doing anything special, and are certainly a step below the best iPhone or Samsung phones.

However, that shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the price of the 10T.

It only costs £629 ($649), undercutting fast-charging phones from the likes of Xaomi, which fetch upwards of £1,000.

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Overall, I’d say the OnePlus 10T is a great phone for people on a budget.

It’s not worth buying for fast charging alone, but it offers enough to get my stamp of approval.

Rating: 4/5 stars

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