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How to dethatch a lawn for healthier grass

by Ozva Admin

Knowing how to clean your lawn can give you a healthier lawn all year long. Thatch is essentially a layer of dead plant matter and debris that gradually forms on the surface of the soil. It is produced faster than it can be broken down, so it will grow larger and larger over time. If not removed once it reaches ½ inch thick, this layer will eventually overgrow the surface, reducing access to the necessary water, oxygen, and nutrients your lawn needs to flourish. So if you want to keep your lawn healthy, thatch should be removed when necessary. Ignore the straw is one of many lawn care mistakes you could be doing

The problem is that the straw is quite difficult to remove. It may be thicker than you imagine and it can cover a wide area. Fortunately, we’ve put together this helpful guide to simplify the process. We’ll cover what to do and when to do it, answering any questions you might have along the way. Once you’re done, your lawn will be able to grow and flourish once again. Here’s how to weed a lawn.

How to weed a lawn

what you will need

straw rake

Electric Rake/Electric Aerator (Optional)

Vertical scarifier/mower (optional)

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