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Horizon Zero Dawn Remake/Remaster in the Works for PS5; Horizon Multiplayer Game in Development

by Ozva Admin

While we’ve just received a remake of The Last of Us, it looks like PlayStation isn’t done with remakes just yet, as a source close to the situation who wishes not to be named has revealed to us that a remake of Horizon Zero Dawn is in the works for the PS5!

If you thought The Last of Us Part 1 divided gamers on whether or not a game needed a remake, brace yourself, as it’s been revealed to us that PlayStation is now remaking or remastering (details still unclear) Horizon Zero Dawn. , a game that is only five years old and its sequel was released earlier this year.

Our source didn’t explain whether or not this was a “built from scratch” remake style, however, we were told that the remake features an improved lighting system (ambient occlusion and such), revised textures. and better animations, with new character models to match those found in the sequel, Horizon Forbidden West.

To better understand how the sequel improved graphically over the first, here’s a comparison we did earlier this year: Horizon Forbidden West: a look at how the Decima engine has graphically evolved

before the image after image

Other than that, we were told that there is a big focus on bringing back the accessibility options that the sequel introduced. Different graphics modes will also be available, though that’s a given as most PS5 games have unlimited rendering, quality and performance to take advantage of VRR (variable refresh rate). For the changes to the game itself, there are some subtle improvements, mainly the quality of life improvements that the sequel brought. Whether or not we’d see flying mounts or a glider wasn’t confirmed, though we’re guessing it’s unlikely given the story-related prominence in the sequel.

While Horizon Zero Dawn did see a performance patch released for the PS4 that allowed the PS5 to run at an unlocked but stable 60fps at 2160p checkerboard resolution, the title has yet to natively receive a PS5 port that take advantage of the hardware, as well as the features of DualSense.

However, a PC port was released, which introduced some PC-specific improvements such as draw distance, higher frame rates, widescreen support, and more. However, despite those improvements, the PC release was still just a port of the original, meaning that graphically, the textures and character models remained the same for the most part.

We understand that Horizon Zero Dawn remake/remaster will bring it closer to Forbidden West, from improved textures, draw distance. character models, including new and improved animations, and much more. Whether it’s on the scale like The Last of Us Part 1 Remake is not known at this time.

For newcomers to the franchise, this remake/remaster may be the perfect way into the series, though it’s arguably a tough sell for current owners. For starters, Horizon Zero Dawn isn’t that old of a game, having only been released five years ago. Understandably, that news might be a bit of a disappointment to some, but we’ve got good news if you want something to look forward to from the series outside of the upcoming VR game and a rumored one. Forbidden West DLC.

Turns out Zero Dawn Remake/Remaster isn’t the only Horizon-related project in the works, as we’ve also learned from other sources (information collaborated with our original source) that a team (presumably Guerrilla Games) at PlayStation are developing currently a Horizon online multiplayer game for PS5 and PC.

Two sources have verified that the project is indeed real, and a third provides some brief details that it may present a form of cooperative. Customization is said to revolve around the different tribes established in the Horizon franchise, however we haven’t been able to verify either that, or details on whether or not the online game will feature any form of co-op or PvP.

As for when are they expected to be announced? That is an unknown, although the well-known leaker Dusk Golem mentioned a month ago ResetEra that a Sony game from the PS4 era will be released on PS5 in the form of a “remake”, believing that it was not far from being announced. Could Horizon Zero Dawn be the title they were referring to?

Should there be any new developments regarding any of the projects, we will make sure to keep you informed.

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