Halo Infinite Online Issues Will Remain Indefinitely

Along with the horrible matchmaking issues that are still prevalent and plaguing Halo Infinite players, there are also other complaints from the community, such as a lack of content, especially maps. Previous Halo games had plenty of iconic maps, but Infinite seems to be missing.

Halo Infinite’s Forge will go a long way towards curing the game’s many ailments related to lack of content, as it will put all the necessary tools in the hands of the players themselves.

Until Forge arrives, it looks like players will have to fend for themselves as it doesn’t look like the issues are going to go away any time soon. This was reflected in a comment made by the 343 Industries Community Manager when asked about network code issues.

Main conclusions:

  • Halo Infinite has had network code issues for a long time that have not been resolved.
  • With the imminent release of the winter update, it appears that the issues have yet to be identified despite the developer’s best efforts.

The online component of Halo Infinite has had a very difficult life. It has been plagued with many netcode issues such as terrible matchmaking, severe packet loss, high pings and others on top of the lack of content that is already affecting it.

A Halo Infinite player Tony Ford took to Twitter to ask the 343 Industries community manager, Brain Jarardabout the developer’s progress in fixing these issues, as they had also submitted a ticket, but the issues had persisted for weeks.

Following this, Jarrard responded to Ford’s tweet and the response he gave will certainly not relieve any Halo fans.

According to Jarrard, this is currently an active and high-priority topic. He will certainly relieve Halo Infinite fans that the developer not only realizes it’s a major problem, but has also made fixing it a high priority.

Furthermore, Jarrard claims that the problem is not a simple one, as the developer has not yet been able to identify the causal factor behind it. This is despite the fact that the issue has persisted for a long time and there are multiple teams working to resolve it, but no progress has been made so far.

Jarrard says work to fix the issue continues, but is it enough to please gamers? Halo Infinite has had these problems for a long time and is currently in a situation that is not suitable for such a large and important IP.

Halo Infinite is not a small name in gaming, just as the Halo series is not unknown to many. Halo launched alongside the first Xbox console among its first exclusives and took the world by storm. It quickly became one of the leading first-person shooters of its time, with its captivating story, likeable characters, and exciting gameplay.

A very crucial component of the Halo games was Forge. Forge is basically a level editor that launched with Halo 3 and received critical acclaim for its versatility and ease of use. Forge allowed players to create their own maps and a variety of other things. So community-driven development meant there was no shortage of content.

Unfortunately, Halo Infinite didn’t have Forge at launch for a long time, and even though it will be released later, the fact that it wasn’t around at launch, coupled with the lack of content in Halo Infinite, made gamers were disappointed in the game. It was later leaked and that has led to the many fan creations we’re seeing.

343 Industries has yet to fix these two main issues (lack of content and netcode issues) so far in the game’s release. Forge would go a long way to address the missing content issue by putting tools directly into players’ hands, but it’s still a long way from release.

With the upcoming winter update scheduled for release on November 8, 2022, we may see at least a few improvements. The winter update will supposedly add network cooperation, Forge, and other things to the game.

Hopefully, Halo Infinite will pick up and players will get to see the game rise to the online gaming glory that befits a Halo title.

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