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Flu continues to spread in England with number of hospital patients up 79% | Flu

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Flu continues to spread in England with number of hospital patients up 79% | Flu

The NHS is facing a continued rise in flu cases, with the number of hospitalized patients in England increased almost 80% in the last week.

According to figures released Friday, 3,746 people per day were hospitalized with the flu in the seven days to December 25, up from 2,088 per day the previous week, an increase of 79.4%.

The sharp increase continues a worrying trend, with flu hospitalizations increasing sevenfold over the past month. At the same point in November, only 520 flu patients were hospitalized each day.

The wave of influenza infections coincides with a seasonal rise in Covid, confirming earlier fears that the National Health Service it would face a “twin demic” this winter, increasing the pressure on an already struggling health service. The number of NHS staff falling ill with Covid each day rose more than 47% on last month, NHS figures show, rising from 5,448 to 8,029.

Professor Sir Stephen Powis, the NHS’s national medical director, said: “Sadly, these latest flu numbers show that our fears of a double pandemic have come true, with cases rising sevenfold in just one month and the continuing impact of Covid hitting staff hard, with related absences increased by almost 50% at the end of November ”.

After a two-year hiatus due to Covid restrictions, respiratory viruses have begun to recirculate in the population, in many cases making a strong recovery and causing a rapid increase in disease. Of those people in the hospital with the flu last week, 267 were in intensive care beds. At the same time last year, 34 patients were in the hospital with the flu, and only two were in critical care.

Faced with the winter increase, bed occupancy has reached more than 93%, compared to 86% in the same period last year. The difficulty in discharging patients continues to affect hospital capacity, with 12,313 daily beds occupied by patients eligible for discharge.

Powis said: “It is clear that this is not the time to be complacent and the risk of serious illness is very real, so with nearly 350,000 vaccination appointments available next week, it is important that all those eligible show up and receive their covid and flu vaccines at the moment”. first chance.”

Dr Conall Watson, Consultant Epidemiologist for Influenza and Seasonal Respiratory Viruses in the UK Health Security Agency, said the flu was expected to continue to spread over the holiday period as people socialize and mingle indoors.

“If you’re not feeling well, take steps to avoid spreading the flu or other viruses to those most vulnerable by staying home, coughing and sneezing into tissues, washing your hands well, and if you have to go out, wear a mask.” said.

“The flu has put people of all ages in hospital and intensive care and this is likely to continue through the winter. Many more people have needed ECMO [extracorporeal membrane oxygenation], the highest level of pulmonary intensive care, for flu than for Covid-19 this winter. Getting a flu shot can help keep you out of the hospital.”

People who are eligible but have not yet received the flu vaccine can online book. Vaccines are available at medical centers and pharmacies across the country.

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