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Fast for £10k | U-turn special!

by Ozva Admin

Ford Fiesta ST, 2015, 50k, £10,000

Yeah, okay, mock yawns aren’t necessary, and neither is the law that says we have to start with a Fiesta ST when it comes to affordable fast cars. It’s just a universally acknowledged truth that the seventh-generation model is, pound for pound, a lot of hot hatch for the money. That’s obviously not a measure of space, and if you’re buying a car with the intention of regularly putting people in the back, we wouldn’t recommend it at all. But if you just want to go really pretty fast on your own without spending a lot of money – or indeed running costs – the ST really is a wonderfully rewarding way to do it. Plus, its popularity means there’s plenty to choose from. Ten grand should buy one with medium miles and a decent spec. Very similar to this. NORTH CAROLINA

VW Golf GTI, 2013, 117k, £9,995

Of course, if you plan to fit adults in the back on a semi-regular basis, buy a Golf GTI. That is the law. Or it is if you’re a vaguely sensible guy and don’t feel the need to buy a multi-cylinder engine. Usefully for the purposes of this overview, the Mk7 recently dropped into the £10k swoop, and while the 220hp entry-level version was never the most spirited car to hit the ground, it has a lot going for it. On the one hand, it’s very pleasant to drive in the cohesive and compliant way that alludes to most modern compact cars, and on the other, its cabin is superbly designed and a joy to interact with, virtues its successor doesn’t share. This one has covered a respectable number of miles in nearly ten years on the road, and is said to have enjoyed the company of a single owner. Deal. NORTH CAROLINA

Porsche Boxster 2.7, 2000, 57k, £9,995

From the probably sublime to the potentially ridiculous. Granted, we’re not necessarily saying you should spend £10k on a 22 year old Boxster, we’re simply pointing out that you could. The Porsche convertible’s presence among the cut-price competition is obviously well known, and there are plenty of reasons, some more pertinent than others, to think carefully before committing. But the benefits are also well established: number one among them is that you will own a Porsche. And while the 986 may look a bit dated in its third decade, it’s still a rear-wheel drive convertible of unquestioned pedigree. Here is one with relatively few miles and only two previous owners. Dynamite. NORTH CAROLINA

Jaguar XF SV8, 2008, 97k, £7,995

Just as we had to include a Fiesta ST, we couldn’t do without a fast Jaguar. There is little left out there to match them for performance value per pound. And with an XF, there’s the added benefit of a 21st century design, and not something that looks like a supercharged grandfather clock. This isn’t an XFR, but the SV8 that served as the flagship of the range until the 5.0-litre tire killer arrived in 2009. It carried the 4.2-litre supercharged V8 used in the S-Type R and earlier XJR, which meant 420 hp. and pretty much the same thing again in a lusty supercharged pair – big numbers for £7,995. This one isn’t quite perfect, though it does come with a full service history and a louder exhaust to better appreciate the rumble of the eight cylinders. MEGABYTE

Peugeot RCZR, 2015, 132k, £9,995

Enter the option from the left field. There are still RCZ Rs for over £20k, but this one sneaks in under £10k due to its above-average mileage. But as a demonstrator then under new ownership, plus some recent repair work, that doesn’t have to be as scary as it sounds. The RCZ R was a spectacular return to form for the fast Peugeots in 2013. The standard RCZ was disappointing; the R was completely absorbing. It produced 270 hp from just 1.6 liters (!), and a well-wound chassis really made the most of it. That the RCZ still looked so good further helped their cause, which was then undermined by a £32k asking price. Which was too much, and the car was abandoned after a year. But for less than a third as much… MEGABYTE

TVR Chimera, 1995, 98k, £9,495

As the TVR revival continues to falter, the appeal of a sports car built in Blackpool from the heyday continues to rise. The really late cars from the Smolensky era, the best Sagarises and Tuscans, now cost a lot of money, but there are certainly still affordable and fast TVRs, as this pipe dream demonstrates. It’s a 1995 car with the 4.0-litre V8, which should mean around 240hp moving a little over a ton. That’s still a healthy power-to-weight ratio all these years later, and we all know how much a great soundtrack can add to the sense of occasion. This Tahiti Blue Chimaera is approaching 100,000 miles with the history to back it up, with the added benefits of power steering and some recent work on the rear axle. For five hundred pounds less than £10k. What a tremendous bargain. MEGABYTE

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