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Family make desperate plea to bring home North East nana fighting for her life in Turkey

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Family make desperate plea to bring home North East nana fighting for her life in Turkey

A north-eastern family has launched a desperate plea to bring their nanny home from Turkey after she was rushed into intensive care there while on holiday.

Christine Stockdale was on a two-week trip to Antalya in Turkey with her husband John when she fell seriously ill. The 68-year-old woman, from Marton, was diagnosed with a gallbladder infection that later spread to her pancreas.

He is now in intensive care, but treatment costs £2000 a day and his family say funds are running out. Back in Teesside, Christine’s family are doing everything they can to get her home and receive the essential medical care she needs by trying to raise funds for a medically supported £40,000 flight back to the UK.

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Granddaughter Chloe Stockdale, 26, student at newcastle, he told TeessideLive that her nana was going to have an operation on her gallbladder but it was postponed. Despite this, she was given the go-ahead to take a vacation.

Chloe said: “No one knew how badly she needed the surgery. They were due to fly home last week but then my nana got very sick with her gallbladder, she was taken to intensive care in Antalya because the infection had spread from her gallbladder to your pancreas.

“She had her gallbladder removed and is now on a ventilator because she has low oxygen levels, the next few days for her are crucial. The hospital is asking for proof of funding but money is running out fast, my nana and my grandfather have a pension, but it’s not much and as a family we don’t have a lot of funds to keep her in the hospital.

Christina and her husband
Christina and her husband

Christine’s son Dean is in Turkey with his parents and the family is being supported by the British Embassy in Antalya who are helping with translation and interpretation at the hospital. Doctors said that Christine urgently needed surgery and that she would have gotten sick regardless of whether she was home or on vacation.

The hospital is requesting funds for Christine’s ongoing treatment and the family is close to the point where they cannot demonstrate that they have the funds to support her care. Chloe has since set up a JustGiving page in an attempt to raise the £40,000 needed for the medically supported flight home so that her nana can access National Health Service health care close to your family.

Chloe described her nana as a “wonderful and much loved wife, mother, grandmother, sister and friend” who has dedicated her time to working with students at Middlesbrough College as well as supporting her two granddaughters. Chloe added: “As it is, she would need a ventilator on the flight home, but we hope she can be well enough to return to a normal flight.

“We won’t be with her if she gets worse and we need her back for Christmas. We know it’s a tough time financially for a lot of people so if you can’t donate to the Just Giving page even sharing it is helping us raise awareness for my nana.

“Anyone who knows Christine would describe her as the best of people. She is totally selfless. She would do anything for anyone. A loving and warm woman, who has always put her family first. She really is a special person.”

You can donate to Chloe’s Just Giving page for Christine here.

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