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Does Cigna Health Insurance Cover Bariatric Surgery In 2024

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Does Cigna Health Insurance Cover Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery, a transformative procedure aimed at aiding weight loss by altering the digestive system’s functionality, has emerged as a crucial option for individuals struggling with obesity. Obesity is a complex health condition associated with various health risks, including diabetes, heart disease, and joint problems. When traditional weight loss methods such as diet and exercise prove insufficient in achieving significant and sustainable weight loss, bariatric surgery becomes a viable consideration. This surgical intervention encompasses different techniques, such as gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, and gastric banding, each designed to reduce stomach capacity or modify the digestive process to promote weight reduction.

However, the decision to undergo bariatric surgery is not only a medical one but also a financial one. The costs associated with bariatric surgery can be substantial, covering pre-operative evaluations, surgical procedures, hospital stays, post-operative care, and potential follow-up treatments. Many individuals facing obesity-related health challenges may find themselves contemplating whether their health insurance coverage, particularly plans like Cigna Health Insurance, includes bariatric surgery benefits. Understanding the coverage policies and criteria set forth by insurers like Cigna is crucial for patients navigating their weight loss journey and considering bariatric surgery as a potential solution.

Cigna Health Insurance, a prominent player in the healthcare insurance industry, offers a range of plans with varying coverage options. Like other insurance providers, Cigna evaluates coverage for bariatric surgery based on specific criteria and guidelines. These criteria often include factors such as the individual’s body mass index (BMI), documented history of unsuccessful weight loss attempts through non-surgical methods, presence of obesity-related comorbidities, and assessments by healthcare professionals to determine medical necessity.

It’s important for individuals considering bariatric surgery and covered by Cigna to familiarize themselves with their insurance plan’s terms and conditions regarding bariatric surgery coverage. This may involve consulting with their healthcare providers, reviewing their insurance policy documents, understanding any pre-authorization or pre-certification requirements, and clarifying the extent of coverage for different aspects of the surgical process. Additionally, patients may need to be aware of any out-of-pocket costs, deductibles, co-payments, and coverage limits associated with bariatric surgery under their Cigna Health Insurance plan.

In the subsequent sections of this article, we will delve deeper into Cigna’s coverage policies for bariatric surgery, providing insights into the eligibility criteria, coverage limitations, potential out-of-pocket expenses, and tips for navigating the insurance process effectively. By understanding the intricacies of insurance coverage for bariatric surgery, individuals can make informed decisions regarding their weight loss journey and access the necessary support and resources to achieve their health goals.

Does Cigna Health Insurance Cover Bariatric Surgery: Coverage Overview

Cigna, renowned for its comprehensive health insurance solutions, extends its coverage to include bariatric surgery within certain parameters. This surgical procedure, designed to aid in weight loss for individuals struggling with obesity-related health issues, is considered a viable option under select Cigna insurance plans. However, the coverage specifics can vary significantly based on the policy type and the patient’s medical circumstances. Cigna typically evaluates the medical necessity of bariatric surgery on a case-by-case basis, considering factors such as the patient’s Body Mass Index (BMI), documented failed attempts at non-surgical weight loss interventions, and the presence of obesity-related comorbidities. Patients seeking coverage for bariatric surgery through Cigna are advised to thoroughly review their insurance policy documents and consult with their healthcare provider to understand the eligibility criteria and potential out-of-pocket costs associated with the procedure.

Eligibility Criteria

Understanding the eligibility criteria for bariatric surgery coverage under Cigna Health Insurance is crucial for individuals considering this option for weight management.

  • Body Mass Index (BMI) requirement:
    • BMI of 40 or higher, OR
    • BMI of 35 and above with obesity-related conditions like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, or severe sleep apnea.
  • Documentation of previous weight loss attempts:
    • Evidence of unsuccessful weight loss efforts using traditional methods.
  • Completion of a medically supervised weight loss program:
    • Typically lasting 6 to 12 months before approval for surgery.

Types of Bariatric Surgery Covered

Regarding bariatric surgery coverage, Cigna offers a range of options that can significantly impact patients’ lives. One of the most commonly covered procedures is gastric bypass surgery, a transformative intervention that reduces the size of the stomach and reroutes the digestive system. This procedure is often recommended for patients with severe obesity or weight-related health issues.

Another popular option Cigna covers is the sleeve gastrectomy, which involves removing a portion of the stomach to create a smaller, banana-shaped pouch. This surgery restricts the amount of food a person can eat, leading to substantial weight loss.

Cigna also covers adjustable gastric banding, commonly known as lap-band surgery, for those seeking less invasive options. This procedure involves placing a band around the upper part of the stomach to create a smaller stomach pouch, helping patients feel full with less food intake.

Additionally, Cigna may cover the duodenal switch procedure, which combines gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy elements. This surgery involves reducing the stomach size and rerouting the intestines to limit food absorption, resulting in significant weight loss and improved metabolic health.

It’s important to note that the specific bariatric surgeries covered by Cigna can vary based on individual medical histories and healthcare provider recommendations. Patients considering bariatric surgery should consult their healthcare team and insurance provider to understand their coverage options and make informed decisions about their health journey.

Pre-Approval Process

The pre-approval process for bariatric surgery under a Cigna plan is a comprehensive and essential step toward weight loss and improved health. This process ensures patients receive the most appropriate and effective treatment for their needs. To initiate this process, patients are required to gather and submit a range of medical documentation.

This includes detailed medical records outlining their health history, previous treatments, and any relevant conditions such as diabetes or hypertension. Additionally, patients may need to undergo dietary evaluations to assess their current nutritional status and readiness for surgery. These evaluations often involve working closely with nutritionists or dietitians to develop a personalized plan supporting optimal outcomes post-surgery.

Furthermore, psychological evaluations are an integral part of the pre-approval process. These evaluations help assess the patient’s mental and emotional readiness for bariatric surgery and their ability to adhere to post-operative lifestyle changes. Psychologists or mental health professionals may conduct interviews and assessments to evaluate factors such as motivation, coping strategies, and potential barriers to success. This holistic approach ensures that patients receive comprehensive care that addresses not only their physical health but also their mental and emotional well-being.

Once all the necessary documentation and evaluations are completed, the information is submitted to Cigna for review. The review process typically involves a team of medical professionals who assess the patient’s eligibility for bariatric surgery based on established criteria and guidelines. These criteria may include body mass index (BMI), obesity-related health conditions, previous attempts at weight loss, and the likelihood of successful outcomes post-surgery.

Additional Considerations

After undergoing bariatric surgery, patients can expect coverage for essential follow-up care as part of Cigna health insurance benefits. This includes access to crucial services such as nutritional counseling to help patients adapt to their new dietary needs, physical therapy to support their post-surgery recovery and mobility, and any corrective surgeries that may be deemed necessary for optimal outcomes. These post-surgery services are integral to a comprehensive bariatric treatment plan. They are often covered under Cigna’s policies, ensuring patients receive holistic care beyond the surgical procedure.
Plan Variability

It’s important to note that coverage details for bariatric surgery and related services can vary depending on several factors, including the state of residence and the specific type of insurance plan. Cigna offers a range of healthcare plans with different levels of coverage, deductibles, and co-payment requirements. Therefore, it’s crucial for patients considering bariatric surgery to thoroughly review their insurance policy documents or contact Cigna directly to understand their benefits and any potential out-of-pocket costs clearly.


In conclusion, Cigna health insurance can provide coverage for bariatric surgery as part of its comprehensive healthcare offerings. However, eligibility for coverage and the extent of benefits may vary based on the patient’s specific plan and location. To navigate the complexities of insurance coverage for bariatric procedures effectively, patients are encouraged to communicate openly with Cigna representatives and collaborate closely with their healthcare providers. By proactively seeking information, understanding their coverage options, and adhering to the necessary approval processes, patients can make informed decisions about their bariatric journey while maximizing the benefits available through their Cigna health insurance plan.

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