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Card Blanch’s $460K deck • TechCrunch

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Card Blanch’s $460K deck • TechCrunch

We have seen attempts to combine all the cards (credit, debit, loyalty, etc.) in one before, but card bleaching claims to have a new take on the concept and closed just shy of half a million angel investments with a very fancy deck. The company gets some parts of the slide deck right that we rarely see done right, so it’s wonderfully refreshing. Let’s dive in!

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Slides in this deck

Card Blanch’s deck consists of just 12 slides, and the team tells us it’s exactly as it launched with no redactions.

  1. deck slide
  2. problem slide
  3. Market Size Slide
  4. solution slide
  5. product slide
  6. Slide “How it works”
  7. competition slide
  8. Revenue Model Slide
  9. Market Opportunity Slide
  10. “Next Steps”: The Questions Slide
  11. “Your entire wallet on one card” – value added slide
  12. “Complete Spend Analysis in One Place” – Summary Slide

three things to love

Card Blanch’s graphic designers deserve a raise; this is one of the best designed decks i have seen in a hot minute. Let’s take a look at the highlights:

Well that’s a big enough market

[Slide 3] Of course there is a large market size… image credits: White Card

I don’t think anyone is going to argue against the number of cards in circulation and usage in the US, and perhaps I would have liked to see more of “what is our target market?” kind of approach, but as far as market size slides go, this is hard to argue with.

Store cards, loyalty cards, credit cards—they all have different advantages (otherwise the average American wouldn’t carry six cards with them all the time). I love how this slide presents the data in a simple and clean way. And the “text flows behind the person” design is a very nice touch.

If your market is huge and obvious, you can get away with a market crash like this. One thing though: this is probably a very mature and fairly stagnant market. I doubt there is a batch more growth in this industry. That means that to really stand out, you have to offer a huge customer benefit. Can Card Blanch achieve that?

Awesome “ask” slide

[Slide 10] This is a good “ask” slide. In fact, it’s so good that we added it to our article that focuses on that very slide. image credits: White Card

Granted, this isn’t quite as straightforward as an “ask” slide, but at least you have a specific amount of money being raised, and you have a set of goals that will be met over the next stretch of the company’s existence. .

I would like the slide to use SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Based) goals. This list is great, but none of the milestones can be specifically measured (product development will never be finalized; commercialization will never be completed; “aggressive” means nothing without numbers attached, etc.) or have specific timelines attached. Still, it’s rare that I see slides that are this good, so I thought I’d celebrate anyway.

so easy to understand

[Slide 11] Very good narration based on the product. image credits: White Card

If your prospective investors are checking your deck to see if you’re trying to defraud them, that’s not a good first impression.

What Card Blanch really masters is telling his story through design mockups. The full story of how the product works – paying with the right card in the right place to maximize card benefits – fits into four elegant screenshots. (Slide 12 includes the rest.)

It’s a very cool device for storytelling because the founders can give a voiceover on how everything works. EITHER Will to work?

That’s a quirk of this presentation platform: nowhere on the platform does it state how much of this is actually built and how much is mockups and good ideas. To be clear, that’s not uncommon in pre-seed/angel pitch decks, but in a world where investors are trying to determine how much risk there is in a startup, include an update on what’s been done. so far would be helpful.

In the rest of this breakdown, we’ll look at three things that Card Blanch could have improved or done differently, along with his entire deck!

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