Business solutions by retail consultants YRC for online furniture startups

YRC Retail Consultants Business Solutions for Online Furniture Startups

YRC Retail Consultants Business Solutions for Online Furniture Startups

YRC is a boutique retail and e-commerce consulting brand with a nascent presence in the Middle East.

YRC is a Management Consulting Company, especially for the BC Sector. Empower retail and e-commerce companies.”

—Nihil Agarwal

DUBAI, September 30, 2022 / — In its decade-long experience, the team has worked with many emerging entrepreneurs from various verticals, including online furniture retailing. YRC has helped many startups with a wide range of services with strong planning and implementation assistance. Through this release, YRC outlines some of its key service areas for new online furniture companies.

Market research

As an online business consulting company ( ), YRC maintains that market research is one of the preparatory activities in the process of building a sustainable business. A better understanding of the target market increases the chances of formulating better marketing strategies and decision making. It could be in terms of identifying shopper behavior, determining price points, aligning digital marketing efforts, etc. In market research, YRC offers a comprehensive and systematic evaluation with actionable insights and CTAs related to the target market. Evaluation areas cover market segments, market demand, market size, competition, pricing, channel performance, etc.

Business Modeling

Customers tend to exhibit the characteristics of expecting the same levels of merchandising for all product categories on online shopping platforms – the more the better. While furniture is a type of product that cannot be manufactured in a wide range of varieties at the same time, at least not by all companies. Therefore, if variety is included in the value proposition, the procurement/manufacturing and delivery capabilities in the value chain must support the same. But in the long run, it is the durability of the furniture that wins the race among other values. Home delivery, easy installation, favorable return and replacement policy, etc. are other important considerations for value propositions. In business model developmentYRC assists companies with UVP ideation and definition of the value chain and capabilities network required to create and deliver the envisioned value propositions.

Business plan

The strength of the business idea/project lies in its financial and commercial viability. In this pursuit, YRC helps companies calculate their start-up expenses, including capital requirements. YRC’s next area of ​​work is margin analysis. A furniture company may offer a wide range of product types. The segmentation of the product mix is ​​at your discretion. But it is in the middle range that they should focus more. YRC follows a scientific and systematic approach in estimating sales volume. YRC also helps companies prepare their purchasing plan and schedule for a smooth purchasing function. It can be overwhelming even for experienced retailers and E-commerce consultants to establish a business plan straight that started hastily.

digital advertising

Digital marketing is not a hard pill to swallow once businesses have a clear understanding of who and where their customers are, what their priorities and expectations are, and what their buying journey is. YRC’s team of online business consultants conduct detailed assessments and analyzes of consumer behavior and target market segments. With the understanding and knowledge about consumer behavior, market characteristics, competition and other relevant aspects, the team starts working on the formulation of strategies and solutions for effective digital marketing. The goal is to ensure that the brand identity is displayed correctly to the right audience at the right time on the right platforms with the right content.

omnichannel CX

An online furniture brand stays online only to a certain extent. The same is true for the customer experience you offer. But then there are areas in the value chain and the customer journey where things have to go offline. For example, the delivery or assembly of a furniture product cannot be online. Similarly, there are many other offline and online touchpoints in the customer journey. These touchpoints must have the ability to give customers the flexibility to change channels or give the corresponding effect. With an understanding of these nuances, YRC helps online furniture companies design a proper omnichannel CX strategy ( ).

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