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Brighton hospital building to be named after city’s first female GP

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Brighton hospital building to be named after city’s first female GP

A new hospital building will be named after the city’s first female family doctor.

The new £483 million Louisa Martindale building at Royal Sussex County Hospital will house more than 30 wards and departments and will be equipped with state-of-the-art facilities.

His name was one of 690 suggestions submitted during the selection process, with the NHS asking residents to submit their own ideas for a name for the building, which is due to open next spring.

During her career, she pioneered the use of radium to treat gynecological cancers, as well as working in France as a surgeon during World War I and in London during World War II.

argus readers supported the suggestion during the consultationwith Sandra Vincent saying that she would be a fitting person to be honored in such a way.

The Argus: Louisa Martindale was the town's first GP and pioneered medicineLouisa Martindale was the town’s first family doctor and was a pioneer in medicine. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Karen Geoghegan, Chief Financial Officer of University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said: “I’m really delighted that we can recognize Lousia Martindale in this way – she was a pioneer in medicine, surgery and primary care, and a local figure of whom we can be very proud. in Sussex.

“The consultation process produced a lot of brilliant suggestions, including recognizing many people who have accomplished amazing things in the field of healthcare, but we felt that Louisa Martindale was a truly deserving figure and we are very proud that our fantastic new building can honor his work and his life.”

The 11-story building will provide a significantly improved hospital environment for patients, families and staff.

Some of the services to be provided in the Louisa Martindale Building will be relocated from the neighboring Barry Building, which dates back to 1828.

The Argus - One of the single en-suite rooms in the new medicine wardOne of the single rooms with bathroom in the new medicine room

Additional work is still required to finish preparing the building itself, and then around 16,000 pieces of equipment and furniture will be moved in and the building will be thoroughly cleaned and ready for patients.

Peter Larsen-Disney, clinical lead for the building project, said: “We understand how much work remains to be done before we can start moving patients and staff to the Louisa Martindale building, but we can also see how fantastic this facility will be. be.

“Patients and staff have waited many years for this, and it will mean better care and an improved experience for patients and visitors and a transformed work environment for staff.”

Who was Luisa Martindale?

Born in 1872 in Essex, Louisa Martindale moved to Brighton with her family in 1885 and attended Brighton High School for Girls.

After earning his MD in 1906, he started his own general practice and was instrumental in setting up the New Sussex Hospital for Women on Windlesham Road in Brighton.

In addition to her illustrious career in medicine, she has also served as a magistrate, commissioner of prisons, and a member of the National Council for Women.

Louisa retired from practice in 1947, after performing more than 7,000 operations, and died at her home in London in 1966 at the age of 93.

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