What are the major trends in the retail FX trading industry of 2022?

Forex retail trading has grown significantly over the last decade, fueled by a combination of factors such as lower transaction costs, increased online accessibility, and the growth of mobile trading. Looking ahead to 2022, we believe there will be 6 key trends shaping the retail Forex industry: 1. Continued growth in emerging markets Emerging markets … Read more

Tesla: Beware Betting Against Entrepreneurship And Innovation (NASDAQ:TSLA)

justin sullivan Thesis I’ve got previously has been bearish on Tesla, Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) due to valuation issues, but I am gradually changing my mind to a more bullish view. Although I still believe that Tesla is valued at a very high price. proud market capitalization, which dwarfs the valuation of multinational competitors such as Volkswagen … Read more

AI-based vehicles paving way for software engineers to build a career in the auto industry

Connected vehicle technology, ADAS, telematics and autonomous vehicles is all that sums up the automotive industry in the current age and time. And these rapid technological disruptions are highly dependent on softwares like cloud computing, AI, ML, etc., which have literally turned the vehicle into what we call a ‘computer on wheels’. And that is … Read more

There’s no place like Shropshire: local business park in the county will house over 300 jobs

03/10/2022 – Permalink Related Topics: Assets and Wealth / Economic Growth / Partner Organizations Work is nearing completion on one of Shropshire’s sprawling business parks. The third phase of the Tern Valley Business Park in Market Drayton has already attracted the interest of new and expanding businesses in Shropshire and the surrounding counties. Developed by … Read more

Plea to landlords to stay calm as buy-to-let loan deals disappear

Landlords are being warned to prepare for a rise in mortgage rates that will force many to sell or create financial misery for their tenants with rent increases. The increases could squeeze hundreds of thousands of homeowners who invested in buy-to-let properties for income in old age. Last week, more than 1,000 mortgage deals were … Read more

First Look: Pirelli’s New Scorpion Race DH & Enduro Tires

You may have noticed the Canyon CLLCTV Pirelli World Cup Team (the other vowel-phobic Canyon DH team) racing on some unreleased tires last season. Together with team mentor Fabien Barel they have been developing a full range of tires designed specifically for racing. Now, Pirelli is finally ready to reveal them. The new line of … Read more