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Announcement of the Foundation of Global Alliance of Overseas Chinese Societies of Automotive Engineers

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The first “Global Connection of Overseas Chinese Automotive Engineers” event in November 2021 was a resounding success and generated a great response from the automotive community in mainland China and other countries. Over the two weekends of the 12-hour event, which was broadcast live on GasGoo Auto, an impressive 300,000 viewers were reached online (a cumulative total of 350,000). Dozens of media outlets, including China News Service, China’s largest external news outlet, Sina Finance, Global Times, China QiaoWang, China Automotive News, and GasGoo Auto, reported on the event, hailing it as a catalyst for communication. and a ‘new indicator’ for technological advancement in the industry. It is foreseeable that with the increasing implementation of global decarbonization policies and the rapid development of new energy and smart connected vehicle technologies, related issues will attract more and more attention, especially the information exchange of the international automotive industry community.

Announcement of the Foundation of the Global Alliance of Overseas Chinese Automotive Engineering Societies

The event has greatly facilitated collaboration among automotive engineering associations around the world, creating a new model for interactive online exchanges on a global scale, and creating conditions for further cooperation among all Chinese automotive engineering societies in different countries in the future. The great success of this global networking event shows that the collaboration between overseas Chinese automotive engineering associations fits into the current trend. At the same time, the event demonstrated the power of foreign associations coming together, with an effect and influence that no single association can achieve by organizing events individually. The success of this event has established the status of “Overseas Chinese Automotive Engineers” and enabled us to develop for the future.

On this basis, we have decided to establish the “Global Alliance of Overseas Chinese Automotive Engineering Societies” to build a platform for equitable cooperation based on the entities of overseas Chinese automotive engineering associations and open the doors to other overseas Chinese automotive organizations. The alliance will further develop the Global Connections brand and carry out more kinds of activities through complementary collaboration with related organizations in China, to facilitate the exchange between overseas Chinese automotive engineers and at the same time devote to the development of each association itself.

Therefore, the goal of the Global Alliance of Societies of Overseas Chinese Automotive Engineers is to provide services to our Chinese automotive engineers around the world, jointly build a platform to promote communication and cooperation between our Chinese and international automotive counterparts. , to share information about relevant technologies. and developments in the automotive industry, to expand links between members and associations, promote cooperation between associations, and enhance communication and friendship between members.

The Organizing Committee of the alliance held its first formal working meeting on August 28, 2022 and established the rotating mechanism of the Alliance Presidency. The meeting elected the UK-China Society of Automotive Engineers as the Alliance’s first president, with Hongming Xu, president of the UK-China Society of Automotive Engineers, serving as the Alliance’s first rotating president, while top leaders in other co-propose associations as Vice Presidents. The term is for two years. We hope to further develop the various activities of overseas Chinese automotive engineers (including the annual Global Connect) and explore more opportunities to achieve the sustainable development of our common cause and contribute to the achievement of decarbonization.

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