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American Businessmen Should Invest In Pakistani Textile Industry, Suggests Consul General

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MULTAN, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – Sep 19, 2022): US investors should take advantage of Pakistan’s markets, especially the textile industry, as there are many opportunities available for them to invest.

“During my stay in Pakistan, I realized that there are great opportunities for American investors to invest here.” The US Consul General in Lahore, William K. Makaneole, testified during a dinner hosted by well-known industrialist Khawaja Jalauddin Roomi in his honor, according to a press release here on Monday.

The United States values ​​its long-standing relationship with Pakistan and that is why whenever Pakistan faced any problem, the United States was the first to come to the rescue, he said.

The current flood is clear proof that the US government supported Pakistan to fight this calamity from day one, he explained.

If both countries expand investment, the results will be much better for them, Makaneole hoped.

Multan is a historical city and its citizens are not only hospitable, but their entrepreneurial vision is also very important,” he noted.

The United States wants to improve education and health systems, end the energy crisis and eradicate poverty in Pakistan,” he said, adding that his country has been working on various projects in Pakistan for a long time, which is now bearing fruit. .

“The Multanitas are as sweet as their mangoes.” The Consul General said and added that they have excellent skills in all fields of life.

In his welcoming speech, Khawaja Jalaluddin Romi welcomed the American delegation.

He said that eminent personalities from all walks of life attended the event. The friendship between Pakistan and the United States is based on sincerity, she said, adding that both countries help each other when any problem arises.

Although there have been ups and downs in relations between the two countries in the past, the love relationship has remained forever, Roomi recalled.

The US government and business community are more enthusiastic about building and developing Pakistan than ever before, he said.

“The United States is an important trade ally of Pakistan. That is why the trade volume between the US and Pakistan increased to 36 percent this year,” the former MCCI president revealed.

He called on the US government to reduce tariffs on cotton so that the volume of trade between the two countries could increase further.

Former Acting Provincial Minister for Industries Khawaja Jalaluddin Roomi said that for the past few years all governments in Pakistan have been taking practical steps to empower women and bring them into the mainstream of development.

Currently, American companies are interested in investing in various sectors including technology, Roomi said, adding that there are great opportunities to increase trade and investment between Pakistan and the United States.

Khawaja Jalaluddin Roomi said that good diplomatic relations are the need of the hour to promote the textile industry so that business activities can play an important role in strengthening mutual relations.

In addition, tourism between Pakistan and the United States.

Director of Political and Economic Affairs Consul Miss Kathleen, USAID Mission Director Reed J. Aeschliman, USAID Director Kanwal Bukhari, Khawaja Muhammad Iqbal, Khawaja Muhammad Ilyas, Khawaja Muhammad Yunus, Shafiq Patafi, Khawaja Muhammad Yusuf, Zahid Hussain Gardizi, Hamad Hasan Mirza, Dr. Mujtaba Ali Siddiqui, Khawaja Muhammad, Khawaja Muhammad Hussain, Chaudhry Zulfikar Ali Anjum, Mian Amir Naseem, Mian Hussain Ahmad Fazal, Mian Faisal Mukhtar, Amanatullah Khan Shadikhel, Sheikh Faisal Saeed, Sheikh Faisal Hameed, Mian Rehman Naseem , Dr. Rana Altaf Ahmed and others participated.

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