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Amazon Echo dot 5th generation announced: Pre order the new clock and Alexa devices

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Amazon announced a bevy of new products at its annual hardware event yesterday afternoon, revealing a Kindle you can write onan update Fire TV Cube and four new Echo Alexa-enabled smart speakerssome of which are available to reserve now.

The company revealed a new fifth-generation Echo dot and an Echo dot with a clock, as well as a new white version of the Echo studio, in addition to a software update for the existing Echo studio.

One of the most exciting items on Amazon’s docket was a new device called the halo rise, which is a bedside clock, lamp, and sleep tracker all in one. It doesn’t have a release date yet, but the augmentation is said to track your sleep using sensors that detect your body position and monitor your breathing patterns.

At the event, Amazon also emphasized its vision of developing products that fade into the background. “Environmental intelligence,” Amazon called it. A vision that manifests itself in its new Echo dot devices.

The updated range of Echo dot speakers has not only seen audio improvements, as we’ve come to expect from a yearly update, but also includes new sensors, such as an ambient temperature sensor and a touchpad on top. for gesture controls.

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Unfortunately, the best feature of the Echo dot has been reserved this time for customers in the US and Canada. Those across the pond will find an Eero wifi extender built into every device, which could be a game changer for those who work from home.

When asked if Eero-enabled Echo dots would be coming to the UK, an Amazon spokesperson said that “As a global company, internationalizing all of our products and services is incredibly important. We are working hard to make all the features and devices announced yesterday available everywhere our customers want them.”

The announcement of new Amazon Devices it arrives two weeks before the next one from amazon First day A sales event is taking place and we expect to see fourth generation Echo dot devices go on sale. If you’re interested in the new models, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about the newest Echo smart speakers and when you can pre-order them.

Amazon Echo dot, 5th generation: £54.99, Amazon.co.uk – book now, available on October 20


The fifth-generation Echo dot is Amazon’s latest entry-level smart speaker. The audio architecture has been redesigned, featuring a “custom full-range driver and the highest-excursion speaker of any Echo dot,” something that Amazon says delivers up to twice the bass of the previous generation.

The new Echo dot also features new sensors, including a room temperature sensor, so Alexa can turn on a smart fan when it senses the room is getting too hot, and an accelerometer for touch gesture controls. It also features the AZ2 Neural Edge Processor, found in the Echo show 15, resulting in faster responses from Alexa.

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Amazon Echo dot with clock, 5th generation: £64.99, Amazon.co.uk – book now, available on October 20


If you want to see the time on your Amazon Echo instead of a faceless dial, then the Echo Dot with Clock has seen some big improvements too. In addition to previous updates to the fifth-generation Echo dot, the Echo dot with clock features an enhanced 5×21 LED display with high-density dot technology. Amazon says this offers “a more vibrant and dynamic way to view information at a glance.” You can see the title of a song or the name of an artist, a calculation, the remaining nap time and even the weather.

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Amazon Echo dot kids, 5th generation: £64.99, Amazon.co.uk – book now, available on October 20


The kid’s version of the Echo dot has also been updated and now comes in new Owl and Dragon designs. If you’re a parent, you’ll be able to access parental controls and set daily time limits for Echo Point usage, filter songs with explicit lyrics, and review activity on the Amazon Parent Dashboard. As with most Amazon Kids products, the fifth generation Echo dot kids comes with a two-year warranty and a one-year Amazon Kids+ subscription.

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