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Airtel enters Rs 7000 crore CDN service market ahead of 5G launch, Telecom News, ET Telecom

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Airtel enters Rs 7000 crore CDN services market ahead of 5G launch

NEW DELHI: Bharti Airtel has entered the Rs 700 crore content delivery services market and has brought in 15-16 hype content providers along with companies working in the educational technology and e-commerce markets.

The launch comes ahead of the launch of its commercial 5G service, which will increase video consumption, which in turn will drive the need for CDN services for video and game service providers.

The Sunil-Mittal-led telecommunications company has partnered with Qwilt to launch its own content delivery service, Airtel Cloud’s Edge CDN, across India based on the former’s software technology. The launch will significantly improve the quality of live streaming, video on demand (VoD) and all other means of communication for its more than 400 million subscribers across India.

“Our strengths are data centers. We have 120 edge data centers… with data center connectivity and mobility as a service, it was natural for us to offer CDN as a service… with the proliferation of gaming and video, the demand for CDN is growing significantly. People need low latency, so we decided to bring CDN leveraging our cloud and data centers,” Ganesh Lakshminarayanan, CEO of Enterprise Business, told ET.

He said that CDN service providers already use Airtel’s data center and cloud in the country.

“The market is about Rs 7000 crore in India and growing. CDN players in our data centers are growing rapidly. Companies want to use multiple CDNs. A telecom CDN provides a unique advantage in that telecom customers will have a better experience,” added Lakshminarayanan.

Pradipt Kapoor, Airtel’s chief information officer, told ET that growing data demand and bandwidth-intensive use cases such as AR/VR, gaming and video streaming are driving the company’s CDN strategy. telecommunications.

“We are getting happier and hungrier. The data-hungry future is in front of us. 5G will allow us to consume data. We are adding CDN pieces to provide a better experience for content delivery. It is an extension of nature,” added Kapoor.

Under the partnership with Qwilt, Airtel will be able to work with customers who are outside of India but want to deliver their content using the telco’s network. Similarly, Airtel’s Indian customers will be able to deliver and service their customers outside the country.

“Singtel and its affiliates (Pastel Ltd and Viridian Ltd) have entered into an agreement to transfer 3.33% shares (or 198 million shares in Airtel) to BTL for a total amount of approximately SGD2.25 billion,” BTL said in an exchange presentation. Thursday. Singtel, for its part, said separately that it remained a committed long-term investor in Airtel.

Qwilt’s open edge cloud enables Airtel to establish a massively distributed content caching resource layer that delivers streaming media and applications from the closest possible location to subscribers.

Lakshminarayanan said that Airtel has 120 Edge data centers in India, which is enough to serve the growing demand for content in the country.

“As more and more demand comes from other cities, we will expand the size of the data centers. Data center capacity is being added,” she added. “We run one of the largest clouds in India in terms of size and transactions. We have all the capacity to deliver services to customers who demand it. They come to us with the need for computing, storage, network and cloud computing. All of these services are customer-oriented.”

Airtel is working on 3-4 more cloud offerings to launch in the next two quarters.

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