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adland reacts to John Lewis Christmas ad

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john lewis

With the nation grappling with a cost-of-living crisis, it’s harder than ever for brands to get their Christmas ad right.

How did John Lewis, the most anticipated Christmas ad, go? Did they get the pitch right? Did the ad strike a chord with consumers?

We asked advertising and marketing leaders what they think about ‘The Beginner’John Lewis’s latest Christmas commercial.

john lewis

Nicky Bullard, UK Creative Director, MullenLowe Group

“The ad very much reflects the psyche of the nation, we’re trying, but it all feels a little pointless at the moment.

“It’s fantastic to see John Lewis create something more useful than a table that groans under the weight of food that many people can’t afford.

“The only thing is that I would love to see more clarity on how I, as a consumer, can help.

“Through some research I understand that by purchasing certain products I can make a contribution to Action for Children, it would be great to clarify this in this ad so consumers can see how they can drive progress towards this worthy cause.”

Oli Woolf, Chief Strategy Officer, Wunderman Thompson

“I like it. The pacing of the narrative keeps you on your toes. It’s not clear why the protagonist is so obsessed with learning to ride a skateboard.

You even start to think he’s a bit of an idiot. Pursuing his passion while his partner is miserably stuck at home. But the spin is perfectly timed: he’s desperate to build a bridge with his new adopted son, who loves to skate.

“With this, John Lewis managed to imbue his ad with a Christmas spirit of empathy and compassion…while eschewing the outdated tropes of a huge turkey, Santa and stockings around the fire.

“Personally, I would have fought to kill the super last: “We are making a long-term commitment to support the future of young people from care.” He feels forced. By depicting the children in care in the narrative, we already know that John Lewis cares.

Catherine Shuttleworth, CEO and Founder of Savvy Marketing

“This year’s John Lewis ad is certainly a departure from the idea of ​​Christmas ads selling a lot of stuff to consumers. It is a beautifully created film and the strategic partnership that has been established between John Lewis and vulnerable youth is to be applauded.

“The John Lewis client expects the partnership to act with purpose and this year’s Christmas announcement clearly demonstrates that.”

Sophie Bell, CEO, Toast TV

“Initially, it wasn’t what you expected from a John Lewis Christmas ad in terms of magical animation or CGI, but it was what you expected from them in terms of delivering a strong character-driven story.

“I thought it was delightfully emotional, from the humor to a more heartfelt ending.

“The commitment to raise awareness of such an important issue is really great. It has the right tone for this year and the climate we find ourselves in.

“I would like to see more brands using their platform to positively impact society. It’s very relevant and people can relate to a lot of what’s going on in the ad.”

john lewisLynne Deason, Director of Creative Excellence, Kantar UK

“It has been a challenging environment for advertisers this year as they must show sensitivity and strike the right tone with consumers amid the cost of living crisis.

“John Lewis’ ad reflects the true Christmas meaning of togetherness, kindness and giving, values ​​that will be particularly meaningful to people during these difficult times.

“The plot certainly strikes a chord, and we know that creating that emotional connection with viewers is really important to creating effective advertising.”

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