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5 Tips to Be More Productive in 2023

by Ozva Admin
5 Tips to Be More Productive in 2023

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It’s that time of year to set unrealistic New Year’s resolutions! if being More productive in 2023 is one of your goals, I hope this article helps you.

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Since high school, I have been fascinated by personal productivity because I wanted more time to hang out with my friends and play sports and video games. One of my top Gallup CliftonStrengths is “Winner“, and I was able to leverage this strength to complete my Ph.D. in less than three years while working full-time at a Fortune 500 company and teaching part-time at a local university.

So here are five tips to help you be more productive at work and at home in 2023:

1. Create Purpose-Based Goals

creating goals Aligning with your purpose seems like common sense, but sometimes we achieve our goals because we are not as passionate about the goal as we thought.

I had the opportunity to interview bestselling author Paul Epstein on my podcast to talk about purpose, and provided a great formula to help us create and understand purpose-driven goals. He calls it the Head-Heart-Hands equation (Head + Heart = Hands). Head It’s a mentality Heart is authenticity and Hands are our actions. To decide whether to take action (ie, commit to your New Year’s resolution), check with your Head Y Heart. when both Head Y Heart are on board, achieving a goal is more manageable and can even be fun.

For example, if our goal in 2023 is to lose 10 pounds, our Head It says to do it, but there is no Heart-Reason based on committing (especially when there are inconveniences or lack of willpower). but if you Heart is on board (that is, live a long and healthy life to one day start a family), your Heart gives you a reason to stay committed to the resolution because the purpose lives in the Heart. To create more purpose-based goals, we must first emphasize doing Heart decisions, not only Elegant decisions

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2. Lean-based thinking

I got certified in process improvement methodology, lean (to remove waste or non-value-added activities from a process), while working at one of my first corporate jobs to help improve the organization’s processes. This same philosophy can help you as you enter the new year. What tasks can you eliminate that do not add value to your goals or happiness? I live in Los Angeles, and if I have a meeting early in the morning, I’ll leave before 6:00 am to avoid traffic and work at a Starbucks near the meeting location for an hour or two, instead of sitting in traffic (waste), which could take an additional 1-3 hours.

3. Focus on mental well-being

The latest from Gallup data found that stress is at an all time high. When you are stressed, it is difficult to concentrate and complete tasks. A combat stress In my career, while working on very demanding projects, I used to hit the gym at 3:30 am to work out before starting my day at the office, but I used this time to practice mindfulness and plan my day. Now that I have children, I take them for a walk in the morning to enjoy nature, talk about life, let mom sleep without interruptions, and exercise before bed. Also, another thing that helped me stay positive was not looking at my phone until after I finished my workout, had my coffee, and had breakfast. Why would I start my day by comparing myself to others on social media or get annoyed by a work email before I’ve had my coffee and endorphins?

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4. Relationships are key

Interpersonal skillsOften referred to as “soft skills,” they are crucial for building relationships and getting things done at work. Tasks can be completed more quickly and accurately if we have strong relationships at home and work. For example, if you’ve helped people from a different group or department in your office, they might return the favor by letting you know that a last-minute meeting was called and someone forgot to invite you, which can affect your team. Saying “please” and “thank you” in emails can go a long way. Also, picking up the phone, rather than sending a long email or instant message, is a great way to build relationships or convey a difficult or sensitive topic. Relationship building can happen over coffee or lunch, asking for advice/tutorships and be altruistic.

5. Self-pity and community

Nothing worth achieving happens overnight – be easy on yourself and try not to compare yourself to others. You don’t know other people’s struggles while they’re working on his goals. Also, if you want to achieve his goals, build a community of non-judgmental friends and loved ones who help you hold yourself accountable. Surrounding yourself with the right people should probably be first on your “to do list” in 2023. Without the support of my wife, classmates, and employers, I couldn’t have finished my PhD in less than three years.

Incremental progress should be the most important goal as we enter the new year. As we put away our Christmas decorations and catch up on our work emails, let’s focus on our goals without being too hard on ourselves to achieve these goals. Although there are more than five tips to help us be more productive in 2023, I hope you find these strategies that worked for me useful. Best wishes in 2023!

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