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33N Ventures launches for investment in cybersecurity and infrastructure companies

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Investors Carlos Alberto Silva and Carlos Moreira da Silva have partnered with Alantra, a global asset management firm, to launch a new venture capital investment manager, 33N Ventures. The company is currently raising funds for a €150 million ($145 million) vehicle that is designed to invest in infrastructure and cybersecurity software companies in Europe, Israel and the US. Average entry size of about €10 million euros (9.7 million dollars).

“33N offers a unique pan-European and Israeli approach and can cover the full investment lifecycle with the agility and active support that founders expect,” said Carlos Moreira da Silva, co-founder and managing partner of 33N Ventures. “We have all worked together for several years and are launching 33N fully formed. We are ready to invest from day one: we are looking for high-growth, scalable businesses with global potential, proven technology and existing revenues, and in fact are already actively exploring several investment opportunities.”

Silva and de Silva have made more than 20 investments in cybersecurity and infrastructure software over the last 10 years, in Europe, Israel and the US. They will be joined by three colleagues to ensure that 33N is a round of five by then. of its release. In the past, they have invested in Arctic Wolf, the cybersecurity unicorn founded in 2012 by former Blue Coat Systems CEO Brian NeSmith, and completed exits with Thales and Qualcomm, both this year.

“We are convinced that with our team’s strong industry knowledge and track record, with our network of high-quality founders, and with Alantra’s support in this new venture, 33N can become a leading player in the ecosystem of European and Israeli venture capital,” he added. co-founder and Managing Partner Carlos Alberto Silva. “As secure digital transformation is a top priority for governments, institutions, businesses and investors around the world, the opportunity in this space is huge. The cybersecurity market alone is expected to reach over $160 billion by 2022, with strong double-digit annual growth forecast for the coming years as investment opportunities grow at a rapid rate.”

The founders agree that Europe “urgently needs” more specialized funds that can provide investment as well as growth and operating expertise to help start-ups and expansions compete on the global stage with their Israeli counterparts. “That’s what 33N is here to provide,” added Silva.

33N will be supported by a network of cybersecurity entrepreneurs, experts, and decision-makers across industries, including Israeli co-founder and chairman of Reblaze Technologies, Eyal Hayardeny, who is also the founder of one of the holding companies. previous team.

Alantra is an asset and investment banking firm operating in middle-market sectors. As of June 2022, its assets under management of consolidated businesses amounted to €2.2 billion ($2.1 billion), while assets under management of strategic partnerships in which Alantra has a significant interest amounted to €13.7 billion ($13.3 billion). millions of dollars). “This announcement represents a new milestone in Alantra’s plan to develop a highly specialized, diversified, pan-European asset management business and will further increase our exposure to highly specialized venture capital strategies,” said Jacobo Llanza, CEO of Alantra. Asset Management.

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