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10 Entrepreneurs To Lookout for in 2023

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10 Entrepreneurs To Lookout for in 2023

Many entrepreneurs contribute to the growth of the Indian economy and create employment opportunities for others. Hello Entrepreneurs It has been recognized Top 10 Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2023.

Akshay Kumar, Founder and Director, Bombay Gourmet Market Store – Akshay’s rich experience of 10 years in the food hospitality industry helps to establish a comfortable connection with the gourmet and retail business. Along with the vision of having a store in every neighborhood, Bombay Gourmet will also launch its small batch fresh food label such as Namkeens, healthy snacks, cookies and cakes and ready-to-eat and serve fresh chutneys and sauces. marinated meats and sauces.

Vaibhav Jatia, Managing Director, Rhythm Hospitality – Known for his great business acumen and entrepreneurial skills, Vaibhav Jatia, the Managing Director of Rhythm Hospitality, operates the 5-star Rhythm Lonavala and Rhythm Kumarakom resorts. Jatia also launched ResiTel, a business model that allows people to earn consistent returns from owning resort suites. He is known for his leadership skills and has a vision to carve out a niche for ResiTel as an innovative real estate asset class.

Varun Arora, CEO and Co-Founder, Ekostay, a Homestay Company – A multi-potential and avid traveler, Varun Arora thrives on exploring new avenues that can help take his brand to the next level. Ekostay operates in the Hospitality sector, specifically in Alternative Accommodation, also known as Homestay Space. Ekostay collaborates and helps homeowners to host without problems while providing an alternative source of income. Ekostay is present in more than 15 cities and has more than 200 villas/apartments.

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Dr Sandeep Choudhary, CEO, YES WORLD Climate Tech Pte Ltd – He is co-founder and CEO of Inflector India and Singapore-based Yes World Climate Tech, which works on green technology to reduce carbon footprint. A successful serial entrepreneur, Dr. Choudhary has dedicated his life to the mission of “Save Earth” from global warming and climate change as an environmental activist. He quit his financial technology startup BankSathi Technologies, a $50 million company, to focus his efforts on his life’s mission. Dr. Choudhary has received several national and international honors.

Dr. Manish Doshi, Founder and MD, Concept Medical Group of Companies – Dr. Manish Doshi is the founder and CEO of Concept Medical Group of Companies, a leading innovation-driven manufacturer of medical devices. He is on a mission to transform the Indian medical device industry into a global force by bringing new ideas to life through cutting-edge technologies. Dr. Doshi is credited with launching several innovative and award-winning drug delivery technologies. He is a firm believer in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat and Make in India. He is the winner of important national and international awards.

Ratna Raju, Founder and Director of RR Group – Dr. Ratna Raju, founder and director of RR Group and a prominent social activist, has created employment opportunities for thousands of people with his service orientation of technological innovation. He is the brains behind RR Team Freedom, which works for self-employment initiatives. Dr. Raju supports multiple social causes in his effort to create change at the grassroots level. The World Commission for the Protection of Human Rights has awarded him a doctorate in recognition of his contribution to social causes.

KSR Murty, co-founder of Dart Blockchain – KSR Murty is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Dart Blockchain, which enables businesses and governments to use blockchain infrastructures and harness their power. He has more than 30 years of experience in Information Technology and Telecommunications. He is passionate about learning new things and is a firm believer in “Add value to get value”. Mr. Murty believes that creating a sustainable business and value is what entrepreneurs need to focus on, and the rest will follow.

Atul Garg, Managing Director, Overseas GRM – From its humble beginnings in 1974 to its redefinition in the form of GRM, GRM Overseas Ltd, an NSE and BSE listed company, is one of India’s leading basmati rice exporters and a growing consumer staple player.

Gradually expanding its reach, under Atul’s leadership, GRM Overseas developed a market for its rice in more than 38 countries and became the third leading rice exporter in India.

In his early years, Atul Garg successfully grew the legacy business into a large conglomerate. Soon, with the correct value system and forward thinking, he achieved the milestone of Rs. Turnover of 1150 crores.

Ravi Kumar Sagar, CEO, RK INNO Group – Covid-19 came as a blessing in disguise for Ravi Kumar Sagar aka RK in 2020. When other businesses suffered huge losses due to lockdown and the spread of the pandemic, Ravi Kumar started his entrepreneurial journey by selling PPE kits, sanitizers , and face masks to medical shops and hospitals with an initial investment of Rs 50,000. Ravi, 22, founded INNO Group, consisting of INNO Technologies Pvt Ltd, INNO Businesses Pvt Ltd and Achieve Entrepreneurs Academy Pvt Ltd, today, to create and support home-based small businesses and empower young entrepreneurs to pursue their passion and creative business ideas. potential.

Harshitha Karthik, Director, HK Permanent Makeup Clinic – Harshitha entered the makeup industry five years ago. She is the first from AP and Telangana to get an international certification in permanent makeup. Passionate about the cosmetics industry, she worked hard for several years touring Thailand, the United Arab Emirates and other countries and earning certifications from esteemed mentors/institutions. She equipped her to open a clinic in Hyderabad. A year ago, she trained in permanent makeup in Dubai, Bangkok and the United States.

Harshitha won the 2020 Bangkok Championship Award in Permanent Makeup, and has previously won the Dubai Excellence Awards in Paramedic Camouflage and the Pratibha Awards for Excellence. At first, few clinics were doing transformative work in this field. HK Permanent Makeup Clinic has grown rapidly and has a large clientele in less than a year.

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